Business Re-modelling
1-1 Program
To Help You 
Re-model Your Business
Work directly with Suzi Mosley-Payne on a one to one basis
For Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants & Small Business Owners

looking for support and guidance 

to help you re-model your business for Survival, Sustainability & Growth 

My mission for this service offering is to help as many Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses as I can (regardless of location across the globe) 

to not only survive the economic downturn (as a result of Covid-19) but also come out stronger 

with a re-modelled business that supports your future sustainability and growth.
Re-model Your Business - Service Overview 

This service can be tailored to suit your business but below is a summary of the areas we can cover in our time together:

4 Key Areas Of Focus

1. Quick Tactical Adjustments 

  • Lets look at what tactical adjustments you can make fast to your business model to help your business survive through the downturn
  • Eg.  Lets look at if we can increase your presence online or shift some of your products / services from offline to online
  • Eg.  Lets look at if you need to tweak any of your existing products / services or focus more on what your ideal clients are willing to pay for
  • Eg.  Lets look at whether you can quickly spin up any new products / services to replace the ones that are not selling during this time
  • Eg.  What free and low cost tools could you use to help you 

2.  Your Business Vision & Goals 

3.  Solid Foundations

Re-mapping your business vision and goals, and bolster your business foundations for your future sustainability and growth
  • Clarify your business vision (the future desired state of your business)
  • Clarify your business mission and what is driving you to succeed
  • Review and revise your Strategic Goals for your business (eg. 5 year, 12 month, 90 day goals)
  • Review your niche and what sets you apart from the competition (your USP)
  • Review your ideal client and their key pain points
  • Review your ​Products & services mapping to offer the transformation/solution that addresses the pain points of your ideal client
  • Review your branding (from your brand image to the way you present your brand in your verbal and written content)

4.  Strategies

Redefine strategies to help provide you with a roadmap that help you go from where you are today to where you want to be in the short and longer term
  • Review and revise your marketing strategy to get you visible in front of your ideal client and position you as a credible expert in your niche​
  • ​​Create a marketing framework that enables you to nurture your audience with value and generate leads into your business
  • ​Review and revise your sales strategy to help you convert leads into paying clients (with consideration for upsell, downsell and retention opportunities)
  • Review and revise your customer experience strategy to enable you to take care of your clients with excellent customer service throughout their journey of working with you and beyond

This service will be a blend of training, coaching and mentoring working directly with you on a one to one basis.

This is not a done for you service and excludes any implementation activity (you will be required to take action within your business as we progress through the program).

Business Re-modelling
Suzi Mosley-Payne
Business Transformation Specialist & Coach
  • 14 years  in business helping clients deliver transformational change.
  • ​Worked with a wide range of FTSE100 corporate clients, small and medium businesses and Entrepreneurs over the past 20 years both globally and in the UK.
  • ​Serial entrepreneur with ventures and investments ranging from multiple consultancy businesses and a property portfolio.
  • ​Experienced trainer, coach and mentor to business leaders and professionals
  • ​Incredibly passionate about helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners achieve their goals and succeed!
What's included in 
Re-model Your Business
1-1 Program

Packages of 6x or 12x sessions are available
(both packages include bonus extras) 

  • ​1x ​initial planning session of 1 hour in duration (over Zoom with Suzanne Mosley-Payne) to map out a plan for the next 90 days.  Followed by;
  • ​​10x further sessions (for those on 12x session package) or 4x further sessions (for those on 6x session package) of 1 hour in duration each (over Zoom with Suzanne Mosley-Payne) where we will focus on your vision & goals, business foundations and strategy. Followed by;
  • ​1x planning session of 1 hour in duration to plan your next 90 days so you have a roadmap to move forward with as we end our time working together (over Zoom with Suzanne Mosley-Payne) 
Please note:  

The 6x session package can be used at a pace that suits you over a period of between 1-2 months

The 12x session package can be used at a pace that suits you over a period of between 2 - 4 months

Bonus Extras 
  • 1x 30 minute orientation call 
  • Email or Whatsapp support for any quick questions between sessions
  • ​Workbook template for you to fill in as we progress to capture any notes, plans and map out your business model  
* 3 or 4 Hour intensive sessions and bespoken packages can also be made available upon request 

Payment Options
1 Payment Of 
£999 (+ VAT)

(SAVING £300)

Payment Plans Available!
Arrange a complementary call with Suzi Mosley-Payne to find out more
  • Payment via Paypal 
  • Bi-weekly or monthly ​payment plans available
  • ​Bonus extras worth over £500 included for free 
Still Not Sure?
    There is no tie in which makes this very low risk (cancel at any time , just pay for what you have used)
1 Payment Of
£1,999 (+VAT)

(SAVING £500)

Payment Plans Available!
Arrange a complementary call with Suzi Mosley-Payne to find out more
What happens after you signup...
We will send you our service agreement and standard T&Cs to sign before our first session together.  
This is important as it provides a full breakdown of what is included and will ensure we are both on the same page in terms of our understanding.

We will send you a link to my calendar so you can schedule your orientation session and 90 day planning session.  
I would recommend we combine them so our first call with be 1 hour 30 mins.

We hold our first session and during that we can agree when you want to schedule your remaining sessions 
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