Build Your Business 
For Success
with Suzi Mosley-Payne
12 Week Accelerator 

For Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants & Small Business Owners

Who Are Looking To Grow A Successful & Profitable Business

How Would It Feel To Have ...

A strategic plan for you to build your dream business!

Clarity on where you are headed and what goals you need to achieve to get you there!

 Confidence that you have solid business foundations in place so you can scale your business from a stable base!

Conviction by having clear strategies in place that provide you with a roadmap,
so you can take focused action and achieve fast momentum to take your business from where it is today to where you desire it to be!

The ability to focus on building a consistent flow of clients / consistent income!

Then move onto growing your business and setting and achieving stretch goals and build out multiple income streams!
Build Your Business For Success

3 Core Business Pillars Over 12 Weeks

1.  Your Business Vision, Mission & Goals

    Weeks 1 - 3
  • Clarity on your business Vision (the future desired state of your business)
  • Clarity on your business Mission and what is driving you to succeed
  • Strategic ​Goal Planning for your business (eg. 5 year, 12 month, 90 day goals)

2.  Solid Foundations

    Weeks 4 - 8
  • Defining your niche and what sets you apart from the competition (your USP)
  • ​Clarity on your ideal client and their key pain points  
  • Products & services mapping to offer the transformation/solution that addresses the pain points of your ideal client
  • Look at your branding  (from your brand image to the way you present your brand in your verbal and written content)

3.  Strategies As Your Roadmap For Success

    Weeks 8 - 12
  • Define a marketing strategy that gets you visible in front of your ideal client and positions you as a credible expert in your niche
  • ​​Create a marketing framework that enables you to nurture your audience with value and generate leads into your business 
  • ​​Define a sales strategy that helps you convert leads into paying clients (with consideration for upsell, downsell and retention opportunities)
  • ​Define a customer experience strategy that enables you to take care of your clients with excellent customer service throughout their journey of working with you and beyond
  • ​The final week (week 12) will be focused on helping you define a plan for the next 90 days so you have a clear roadmap to go after achievement of your goals!
Perfect for new and existing business owners!

Whether you are looking to start a new business
Transform your existing business to a greater level of success!

6 Core Steps

1:  Establishing a niche that is in total alignment with your unique expertise and experience, with a USP that enables you to differentiate yourself from the competition and establish competitive advantage!

2:  A clearly identified ideal client with a deep understanding of not only their pain points / wants / needs but also any compensating behaviours and/or blockers that may stop them purchasing from you.
3:  Your products and service offering set out with a tiered pricing structure that provides the transformation / solution that your ideal client is looking for.

4:  A marketing strategy that enables you to become visible in front of your ideal client and enables you to deliver high value content to them.

5:  A marketing strategy that enables you to build credibility and expert positioning in your niche. 

6:  A marketing and sales strategy that enables you to build business relationships, generate leads and convert these to paying clients.  Also a customer experience strategy that enables you to deliver on your promise to your clients and encourages them to come back to work with you / purchase from you over and over again.
Are you ready to 
Build Your Business For Success ?
Suzi Mosley-Payne
Business Transformation Specialist & Coach
  • 14 years  in business helping clients deliver transformational change.
  • ​Worked with a wide range of FTSE100 corporate clients, small and medium businesses and Entrepreneurs over the past 20 years both globally and in the UK.
  • ​Serial entrepreneur with ventures and investments ranging from multiple consultancy businesses and a property portfolio.
  • ​Experienced trainer, coach and mentor to business leaders and professionals
  • ​Incredibly passionate about helping Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners achieve their goals and succeed!
Payment Options
Pay In Full
Save 20% with 
1x payment of £999 +VAT


12 week group accelerator 
(small groups of 10  or less)

12x live training calls (1 per week)

12x Q&A / checkin calls (1 per week)

Workbook  for you to fill in as we progress to capture any notes, plans and map out your business model  

    Arrange a complementary call with Suzi Mosley-Payne to find out more
6 Payments 
6x bi-weekly payments of £200 +VAT


12 week group accelerator 
(small groups of 10 or less)

12x live training calls (1 per week)

12x Q&A / checkin calls (1 per week)

Workbook for you to fill in as we progress to capture any notes, plans and map out your business model   

    Arrange a complementary call with Suzi Mosley-Payne to find out more
Answers to a few common questions...

1. Who is the 'Build Your Business For Success For'?

It's great for you if you are an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner looking to either start a business or transform your business to a greater level of success.  
It is great for both online and offline businesses.  
It's great for both product and service based businesses.

2.  Is this a course ?

Yes and no. It is structured as a course in the sense that there are 12 training sessions. However these sessions will be delivered live so there is opportunity to tailor the sessions to what the group need.  There will also be Q&A / check-in sessions each week so it's much more interactive than a course would typically be.

3. What if I decide it's not for me or my circumstances change after I have signed up ?

The 'Build Your Business For Success Accelerator' is by application only and entry will be subject to a complementary call to check whether this is right fit for you before you sign up. However if after joining you decide not to continue or circumstances mean you cannot continue then you will only be charged for what you have used / attended at the point in time. I don't want anyone feeling like they are being forced to participate and I want to make sure everyone involved gets the maximum value.  My clients satisfaction is incredibly important to me so all you have to do is speak to me and if we can't resolve your concerns you are welcome to drop out with absolutely no pressure or hard feelings.

4. I am nervous about making the investment

As I said in number 3 I don't want anyone to feel pressured so have tried to de-risk this as much as possible for you by adding the no tie in policy. I am also happy to answer any questions you have before you start the accelerator.  
Your financial situation is your private business so I ask please don't over stretch yourself to purchase this service.

5. Is this the right choice for me or would I be better with a 1-1 service?

That is a difficult one to answer without speaking with you to assess what help you need and your business goals. It also depends on how closely you want me to help you with your business.  Feel free to book a call with me and we can talk through what would be best for you based on the unique needs of your business.

6. How intense will this be?

There is going to be a lot packed into those 12 weeks so you need to be willing and able to make the commitment. 
However replays will be available of all training and Q&A sessions and if you can't attend the live sessions you can just send me any questions in advance and I will answer them for you.  You will be able to watch the replays at your convenience and a pace that suits you.   
This 12 weeks / 90 days will be about transforming your business and setting yourself you for success for the next 90 days. I want to help you to gain fast momentum and achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

7. Am I guaranteed to achieve my goals and achieve the success I am looking for after I complete this?

Unfortunately as much as I would love to say Yes to this there is no way I can. Your business success is dependent on so many factors all of which are totally unique to your business, these include not only your circumstances, type of business, your level of commitment and the action you take but also on how the market responds amongst other things. No one has a crystal ball to predict the outcome of any goal we strive for.
Have more questions?  Feel free to book a complementary call and I will be very happy to answer them for you
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